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Doodling as a child might be the sign of artistic aptitude and a promising career.
-Nancy Drew

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Gerry Melot

Gerry Melot, an artist, began teaching drawing to senior adults over twenty years ago at the JCC. During this time Gerry also ran her own business, designing and manufacturing costume jewelry. Gerry taught art classes and art summer camp at the River School for two years. From there Gerry began to teach after school art classes (pre-school to middle school) at the JCC. At the same time she was running day and evening drawing and ceramic classes for adults thru Leisure Learning, where she graced their cover twice. Summers she worked JCC art camp, five years as art specialist and then five years as the Art Camp program director. For the last 11 years Gerry has been using online programs to draw and has completed hundreds of drawings.

Greta Bernitz

Greta Bernitz, originally from South Africa, has been teaching in the Houston area for over 25 years. She has been a full time teacher at Crossroads School for the last twenty years specializing in art for K Ð 8th grades. She is constantly using art in some form to help her students learn all manner of subjects. Greta has found the addition of art gets the children involved and excited about the lessons. She is currently running a very popular innovative after school art class where students use both performing arts and fine art to tell a story. For the last 3 years, Greta has been the art specialist at Temple HCRJ and Temple Sinai for many years prior to that. Greta lent her special talents and magic to the JCC Art Camps, teaming up with Gerry for four years.

Art Camp Adventures

Gerry and Greta formed Gerry and Greta's Art Camp Adventures in 2009. The camp is more fun and keeps growing bigger every year.