Artist Quotes

To draw you must close your eyes and sing.

- Pablo Picasso

Our Philosophy

Photograph of Gerry and Greta

Our most important consideration is that Art Camp be fun for the kids. While our camps are structured and the campers kept very busy, the projects are creative, challenging and unlike school, the campers are allowed to talk while they are working!! Laughter is allowed and encouraged.

Our second consideration is that the campers gain in self esteem and self confidence. They learn that they really can make a five foot long alligator or an incredible wizard or whatever crazy project Gerry and Greta have conceived. Most campers are very surprised at what they are able achieve in our camp.

Each project entails three steps, each one designed to foster a different skill set. First there is the art history, famous artist or other historical background that is presented to them in short bursts that enable them to understand why something looks a certain way or is made with a certain technique.

Another step is the "making" of the object, be it a diorama, an acrylic painting or a mixed media piece. We like to expose the campers to as many types of art materials as we can. Each project is given with clear instructions to be sure that each camper will successfully master the method and materials.

The third step is brainstorming and the creative aspect of each project. Even tho campers are all creating the same thing, the projects leave lots of latitude for their own creativity and input. Part of the joy of being an art teacher is the joy of seeing 24 panda paintings come out completely different; yet each one is wonderful and unique.

Gerry and Greta's goal is to fill the world with artists and art. They feel one way to start is to ensure that each camper has a positive experience they will never forget during the art making process and that they go home with quality projects that are sure to be treasured for many years to come.